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Episode 27: Your Story Impacts Others with Ted McGrath

When you share your story, your true authentic story, you have the power to inspire others.

In this episode, Charlie Epstein is joined by Ted McGrath as they discuss what storytelling can do. Ted shares his story and what happened in his life to make him want to share his true authentic story, and how he uses it to empower others to do what he did.

Ted discusses:

  • The epiphany that inspired him to follow his true passions
  • How he felt called to do create his one man show
  • What it takes to follow through on your passions
  • How he uses his personal experiences to inspire others
  • And more

Ted McGrath is a transformational coach, speaker and entertainer. He has created 5 household brands and made millions teaching coaches, speakers, and service-based business owners how to turn their life story into a message that impacts humanity.

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