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Charlie Epstein Myths of Money Course

Unlock ‘Financial Enlightenment’  

Unveil Your Hidden Wealth Potential And Reshape Your Future WITH THE EYE-OPENING MYTHS OF MONEY COURSE!


  • 14 Modules Illuminating The Biggest Money Myths That Hold 99% Of People Back
  • 15 Myth-Busting Videos (Performed Personally By Charlie Epstein)
  • 15+ Email Lessons To Change The Way You Think About Money Forever
  • Your Very Own Hands-On Money Myths Workbook

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Desirement Cards


Unlock True Financial Clarity, Rewrite Your Future, And Expose The False Financial Beliefs That Are Costing You A Fortune. This eye-opening deck is split into three sets of cards filled with facts, figures and questions that can change your life.

  • 20 Priority Cards
  • 20 Desirement Cards
  • 4 “Myth or Fact?” Cards

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