Killing Retirement


with Charlie Epstein

Interviews with experts in longevity, health, wellness, life design strategy, happiness, and work -life balance, Charlie explores how to live our lives from a place of financial abundance, engagement and joy.

Todd Tresidder

Todd had hustle from an early age and started building his empire from scratch. By the time he was 23, he was a millionaire and he retired from his job as a hedge fund manager at 35! Talk about fast tracking retirement! Todd has so much wisdom to share, so join us for the discussion!

Our guest: Todd Tresidder

 Todd has a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Davis and he’s a member of Economics Honors Society and Deans List.  At age 23, he had already raised a million dollars using the same strategies found on his website He retired at age 35 from his position as a Hedge Fund Investment Manager after producing a 20+ million dollar portfolio.  He was an early pioneer and expert in statistical and mathematical risk management systems for investing. Today he is still an active investor who earns consistent investment returns in both up and down markets.

What you'll learn:

  • Todd is fascinated with systems - find out how it helped him
  • Why he left the hedge fund 
  • What made him choose to help people with their financial goals 
  • The gap in the financial education
  • What financial porn is
  • Demystifying the financial roadmap
  • Success stories of Todd’s clients 
  • Wealth is math
  • Why happiness has nothing to do with money 

Quote of the Cast:
"When I looked at traditional retirement planning, I was appalled!"

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Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson knows how quickly your life can change in a single moment. He knows because that is exactly what happened to him. While on an ordinary business trip, he had a fateful moment. You see, he was on the flight that due to a bird strike, had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the Hudson River. It's an aviation feat never before accomplished, and after that brush with fate, Dave's life has not been the same! Dave has learned a lot of things in the last 7 years, but one thing he now knows is that each moment in our lives matters.

Our guest: Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson survived the US Airways flight 1549 which crash-landed on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. The incident has come to be known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”.  He was the last passenger to escape from the sinking plane after helping others to safety. At that moment, he feared for his own life, but remembered the words of his late mother who always told him, “If you do the right thing, God will take care of you.”  He did what someone with a Boy Scout’s training would.  Others helped, too, and everyone survived. His life had changed dramatically from that day. He has become an inspirational speaker and author. His stimulating thoughts on leadership have made him a highly sought-after speaker.

What you'll learn:

    • What Dave was doing prior to the plane crash 
    • His personal recollection of the Miracle on the Hudson 
    • How the advice of his coach, Tony Robbins, helped him to be resourceful in that moment 
    • What he did on that day was “one game plan”
    • Other than being grateful for his life, he was grateful for something else
    • Why he never stopped believing “There is a God and there are miracles.”
    • He had spoken more than 450 times around the world since the crash.
    • How he plans to live his life fully even while still employed with Oracle 
    • What he sees as the next big thing in his life


Quote of the Cast:
“If you do the right thing, God will take care of you.”

Connect with Dave Sanderson:

Arel Moodie

Dan Sullivan has a knack for distilling large amounts of information into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom. He knows how to maximize systems in his life and business so that he can enjoy the lifestyle he enjoys. He's here today to tell us how we can all optimize our relationships, business, and life!

Our guest: Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is the founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc., a highly successful organization founded in 1988 and has offices in Toronto, Chicago, Illinois, London, the United Kingdom. The company provides practical thinking tools and support structures to help individuals become successful entrepreneurs. The program is a series of quarterly workshops for individuals to make quantum leaps in their productivity and business results. The company also provides programs for teams, spouses, and young adults, and offers practical books, audios, and software for the general public. It serves financial services, real estate, and healthcare services industries in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, as well as North America and the United Kingdom.

Dan has over 40 years’ experience as a coach, speaker, consultant, and strategic planner.  He has authored over 30 publications, including The Great Crossover, The 21st Century Agent, Creative Destruction, and How The Best Get Better®He is the co-author of The Laws of Lifetime Growth and The Advisor Century.


What you'll learn:

  • Three things necessary to live longer 
  • Create space in your life for people 
  • Aging and counteracting muscle loss, adding muscle mass 
  • Nutrition for the elderly
  • Good sleep for the elderly
  • Keeping your mind sharp 
  • Yoga for the elderly 

Quote of the Cast:
Systematically get rid of all the relationships that you don’t like dealing with. When you do that, you will no longer be doing what you don’t like doing.

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Arel Moodie

This episode features the inspirational story of Arel Moodie, founder of College Success Program, host of the podcast The Art of Likability, co-founder of  the The PlaceFinder, and author of Your Starting Point for Student Success, and member of the dance group Black Dance Repertoire. Arel promotes good communication, likability, and leadership  as key elements of success. Please try answering this question after listening to the episode: What is the significance of Arel’s themes of likability and leadership in our “Desirement program?”

Our guest: Arel Moodie

Arel graduated from Binghamton University in 2005 with a BA in Philosophy, politics and law. In 2006, he came on board as the Lead Emcee of Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (EET). The group  organizes events to educate college students about starting a business. In 2009, Arel founded Empact, EET’s parent company that focuses on cultivating entrepreneurs. He is one of  America’s  top young speakers on student success and student leadership skills.

What you'll learn:

  • Arel’s road to success starting from a life on welfare
  • Why he chose college students as a special market 
  • Arel’s current market still includes students but he has added professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Essential  factors, situations, and conditions  for success
  • Mentors and coaches who helped Arel become what he is today; and his best mentor
  • Books he read and his favorite one
  • Trainings and workshops he attended and the ones he recommends 
  • Clubs he joined
  • PlaceFinder – what it is and how it grew to become a US-wide business
  • Arel’s dance group Black Dance Repertoire that already performed as an opening act for Grammy Award-winning R&B group 112
  • Why Arel believes that motivation doesn’t last unless you do something about it
  • Arel talks about “likeability” as an art and skill


Quote of the Cast:
Your unique ability is your fountain of youth and passion creates it so that you keep wanting to get better.

Connect with Arel Moodie:

Backpack Entrepreneurs

Episode 11 features our Quantum Thinker guest, Dianne Collins. She is the creator and author of  QuantumThink® system of thinking,  a body of knowledge based on the principles of quantum science and universal laws applied as practical wisdom in all areas of life. She wrote the bestseller “Do You QuantumThink?” about which, the renowned attorney, Roy Black, has claimed:  “This book should be a required reading by all literate human beings.”

Our guest: Dianne Collins

Dianne Collins is an original thinker and a leading authority in “new worldview” thinking. She created the system for the purpose of integrating science, philosophy, and spirituality in daily practical life.  The system draws from sources that range from cutting edge scientific innovation to the wisdom of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders.  She is dedicated to people living spirited, joyful, and masterful lives through leaps in awareness and new thinking using what she likes to call, “the physics of mind.” Dianne is a consultant to business executives and entrepreneurs.  She has an extraordinary gift of originality and ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that benefit people instantly.  

Humans have different levels of thinking. They fall under 2 major categories : 1) Cognitive domain where knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation fall; 2) Affective thinking  which include emotions, attitudes, appreciations, interpersonal relations, and values.  There are also 2 types of thinking under the Cognitive domain. These are 1) critical thinking which involves logic and reasoning, patterning, analogies, deductive & inductive reasoning, forecasting, planning, hypothesizing, and critiquing; and 2) Creative thinking which involves creating something original and which involves imagery, associative thinking, and metaphorical thinking. 

What you'll learn:

  • How a person’s  mind affects his own reality  and every single thing has a virtual aspect to it.  
  • That  life has multiple dimensions according to the resource person
  • That our success is largely based in the way we communicate and relate to others.
  • Life is creative and we’re the ones creating it all the time according to our intent and our habits of thinking.  
  • If thinking creates reality, then what  creates your thinking?
  • When you QuantumThink you think from  accurate and current principles like multidimensionality, holism, and energy.
  • We all need to move from old world thinking to the new world thinking.
  • What exactly is the new world thinking or the Quantum thinking?  In your own words, what is Quantum Thinking?

Quote of the Cast:
Professional success is largely based on the way we communicate and relate to others.

Connect with Dianne Collins:

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Book: Do You Quantum Think? 

Backpack Entrepreneurs

Building a business while growing a family is a very challenging role because we have to nurture  all   relationships – with the spouse, the children, clients, employees, providers, and the public  to keep all situations flourishing  and worry-free.  Others find it a difficult role so they either choose to do one thing first before adding the other – which means, build a business first and once it has grown then build a  family next; or vice versa; raise a family first then build the business later.  

Positive relationships at home and at work are the key to a successful business. This consequently leads to happiness and fulfillment.  It’s critical to maintain and nurture these relationships with people we work with and do business with.

Our guest: Susie Miller

Our guest, Susie Miller, the better-relationship coach, suggests strategies to keep both marriage and business positively nurtured. She is an author, speaker, and is fully dedicated to helping create better relationships .  Through her bestselling book  Listen, Learn, Love, she has proven that any relationship can be repaired or strengthened.

What you'll learn:

  • How to repair or strengthen your marital relationship   
  • Step by step guide on how to have better marital relationships  
  • Susie talks about   a toxic kind of conflict and a “good”  kind of  conflict. 
  • Improving communication skills with spouses
  • Improving communication skills with friends
  • How to avoid drifting apart 
  • Building a thriving business during your retirement years
  • What is the PROFIT strategy in marriage?
  • What is the Love language? How should couples apply this strategy in their marriage?
  • How should people apply this in their relationships?
  • About the “skilled conflict navigator

Quote of the Cast:
Great relationships have been proven to improve life and business. 

Connect with Susie Miller:

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Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less  

Backpack Entrepreneurs


Today’s episode features the story of spouses  Stephen Hnilica and  Aris Creates  who call themselves Backpack Entrepreneurs. They also call the global group they’re forming  #digitalnomads while sociologists refer to their groups as transnational entrepreneurs . They use the internet  and their  travels to grow their cross-border contacts.  Revolutionary innovations in electronic communication and transportation technology help them build easy and fast contacts across long distances around the globe. 



Our guest: Backpack Entrepreneurs

Stephen and Aris are urban entrepreneurs from Tampa, Florida who set  themselves up on a mission to travel the world to speak, teach, and share their business  profile.  They  likewise learn  a lot  from their growing network of  social connections  around the world.  Stephen originally walked from his hometown  Tampa, Florida  to Seattle, Washington in 2013  to raise $100,000 for the education of  10,000 poor children in India.  He encountered obstacles and a number of challenging situations but his campaign was a success.

When he and Aris met in 2015, they discovered that they share the passions for business development,  problem-solving, and  technology. They decided to work and live together to share  their entrepreneurial knowledge  with other people.  The couple believes that anyone who has the right attitude, tools, and guidance can live a similar life of freedom. They are having so much fun and are very grateful for the opportunity to travel and share their skills and talents worldwide. 


What you'll learn:


  • How they earn their income to support their travels 
  • How they grow their social connections around the world 
  • What  product  or service  they offer as traveling entrepreneurs
  • How they save on the costs of their travel, food, and lodging 
  • Reasons why they don’t  stay too long in one  place
  • What impact they make on the world 
  • Their challenges, difficulties, risks they face, and fears.  
  • Their tips for other backpack entrepreneurs.


Quote of the Cast:


We want to bring together people in a global community where we support one another toward living the life of freedom.


Connect with Backpack Entrepreneurs:




Zach Griffin


Many young couples dream of owning big homes because part of their dream is to have enormous space for their growing family. However, if you own a big home you also have to deal with expensive upkeep, big realty taxes, and huge worries on paying an army of housekeepers, handyman, landscaper, gardener, communication network technician, and perhaps security personnel. To keep up with the cost of keeping a big home, you have to work awfully hard to earn big so that you can pay your big bills. Moreover, privacy can be compromised because of the presence of a maintenance crew. Family bonding is also adversely affected when there is a problem of tracking down family members. When they are out of speaking (or shouting) range, family interaction is reduced to text messaging or intercom chats.


Our guest: Zack Giffin

Our guest, Zack Giffin, host of Tiny House Nation TV show, is a staunch advocate of tiny house movement, a trend in the U.S. housing market where a  simpler lifestyle means financial freedom. He and his friend John Weisbarth travel across America to show all the advantages of living in small dwellings and mobile mini-homes. They help families design and construct their own dream tiny-homes. Families are opting to downsize to manageable spaces no larger than 300 square feet or even smaller.




What you'll learn:

  • How Zack was drawn to minimalist living;
  • Why he shared rooms and slept on couches; 
  • Austerity measures he and his wife adapted to reach their goal
  • Zack is an athlete and a popular skiing expert.  Find out  how he achieved his ultimate dream thru his tiny-house lifestyle;
  • How his dream went so much farther beyond;
  • Why you would always need more accomplishments to feel accomplished.  
  • Why we should be constantly looking for bigger achievements.  
  • How downsizing your expenses can help build a new tiny house
  • How a downsized living environment reduces the carbon footprint
  • Zack didn’t get paid until he was 29 y old. 
  • How and why people living in tiny homes are happier. 


Quote of the Cast:


The expenses in our life dictate the way we live.


Connect with Zack Giffin:



Robert Scheinfeld

 What does an executive coach have to do with my paradigm of “killing retirement”?  Listen and find out if your answer is right.


Our guest: Chloe Taylor Brown

Chloe Taylor Brown is President of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises ,  a Transformational Training and Consulting Firm in Atlanta, Georgia which has worked with international organizations such as AVON, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Home Depot, and other corporations using her innovative PEP System® which includes executive coaching, professional excellence training and whole life well-being coaching. She modeled for designers such as Armani, Versace, Escada, Dolce, Gabbana, Givenchy, Bill Blass, Revlon, and Missoni.  She is a Power Coach, Lifestyle Enhancement Specialist, Transformational trainer, Image expert, Author and Speaker.  She delivers keynotes, personal development and transformational training, presentations, and coaching.  Chloe is an inspiration to tweens, young women, executive women, and all women. 




What you'll learn:

    • How Chloe became a fashion model and a coach; 
    • What inspired her to change;
    • She lost her mom, then her dad, then her brother died in a motorcycle accident, and her baby drowned in their pool. How she learned to laugh and be happy even while grieving - she talks about her personal tragedies  in the podcast  as well as  in her  Book:  How to Laugh Again While Grieving;
    • How she describes her husband, a former player of Golden State Warriors; 
    • Why she remained married to the same man for over 30 years; 
    • She believes her birth order has something to  do with what she has become; 
    • She made choices and once she  had to take  the only  available option and loved the result of that “no choice” option; 
    • Her advice to women is: Search and pursue what you’re passionate about, Maintain balance in your life; nurture relationships, focus on your goal and make your dream come true; 
    • How to set a goal and be determined to reach that goal; 
    • How she finds wisdom in being “connected” to a higher self; 
    • How her work is related to my paradigm of “Desirement”;  
    • If you love what you’re doing, it’s not work at all, it’s something else. Want to make another guess? 
    • The role of prayer in her success;
    • Her 4th book will soon be available on Amazon


Quote of the Cast:


When you’re tired working, don’t retire, just continue “desiring” the life of your dreams.


Connect with Chloe Taylor Brown:


Robert Scheinfeld

Killing Retirement encourages people to pursue the life they’ve always desired after decades of working in their government or corporate jobs. Your senior years are just the beginning of realizing your biggest dreams. It’s called the shift to “Desirement”. Desirement is the time you stop your 9-to-5 hard work and start enjoying life fully and yet never worry about money.



Our guest: Kort McCulley

Kort McCulley, the President and Founder of McCulley Group of Companies, a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Illinois who provides expertise in 401 (K) planning, financial planning, insurances, investments, and money markets.  He holds various state insurance and securities licenses including the Accredited Investment Fiduciary professional designation.



What you'll learn:

  • To realize your dreams, the following factors are significant:
  • How Kort and Charlie are helping people make progress to realize their dreams;
  • Get acquainted with the book  Paychecks for Life by  Charlie Epstein to learn about the money myths of people; 
  • How to connect your dreams to your resources and love and enjoy your life to the rest of your life;
  • How to reverse the 95% failure rate in your middle-life to late life investments; 
  • Knowing  precisely what you want to focus on in your life; 
  • What “desirement mortgage” is; 
  • The best approach to accomplish your  “dream life” 
  • What is the “Dream Number”
  • How to assess what you truly want in life, and what you want to do to be happy; 
    1. Things you are passionate about;
    2. Your talent and skills;
    3. Your family, friends, and social network; 
    4. Your money and other resources; 
    5. Your technical support network including your coach  
  • The role of  your family and friends in helping you realize your dreams;



Quote of the Cast:

We have a lifetime commitment to the future progress of our clients’ ability to retire, create financial freedom, pursue bigger dreams, and create the life they desire. We accomplish this by challenging the old methods with our new paradigm of “Desirement” and modern, world class technology.   


Connect with Kort


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Robert Scheinfeld

Robert’s business model/theory of busting loose from the money game is open to multiple interpretations  and applications  as he himself has multiple names for his concepts.  Yet his business coaching played a major part  in  the stunning success of  Blue Ocean Software, Nike, Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic and Connecting Point of America.  


Our guest: Robert Scheinfeld

Robert, Father of 2 (Ali and Aidan) is a bestselling author, speaker and coach for what’s generally called consciousness expansion, spiritual development,  and what he calls ultimate freedom, and now the Truth with a capital T. 

Through his request, his grandfather, Aaron Scheinfeld, the founder and owner of Manpower, Inc. introduced him to the world of business. He asked him how he became so successful and famous. His grandpa mentioned something about the invisible power and began to introduce a few concepts to his grandson.  Unfortunately, his grandpa passed away without completing the training of Robert. He spent over 3 decades putting the pieces the puzzle together. Eventually, he developed a transformational business model. He specializes in building a business from scratch using only the resources available to him. 

He has authored several books, including the Busting Loose from the Money Game, and also the bestsellers The Invisible Path to Success, and The 11th Element.


What you'll learn:

  • Robert  says that the  Money Game  is  all about feelings,  not thinking, logic, or intellect but it is also experiential yet it happens  in the mindset.  See if you can follow that by listening to his podcast.
  • About the power source from the invisible world and how nothing in plain sight can be  as powerful.    
  • He says the mind has to be reprogrammed.  
  • He says:  You + Your Expanded Self = Consciousness. As hard as it may be to believe, when other players appear in your hologram, they’re 100 percent your creation. No one has any power or independent decision-making authority in your hologram beyond what your Expanded Self gives them through their “scripts” to support you on your Human Game journey. There’s no power outside of you in your hologram—not in anyone, not in anything.  You alone have all the power in your hologram. 
  • Phase 1 is when we are born, convinced about our identity, and aware of our limitations. We realize there are obstacles in the form of cloud cover; 
  • Phase 2 is the process of drilling through the cloud cover.  Your Expanded Self is driving the bus in Phase 2. You can’t make a mistake, mess  anything up, or blow it. You just trust your Expanded Self and flow with what you feel  inspired or motivated to do, moment to moment. As you do the Phase 2 work, you must always remember the treasure that awaits you at  the end of the journey. It’s worth it!
  • Phase 3 is playing as new game in the sunshine and with navigation support . It is  getting to the point where you can play in the sunshine. 
  • He says:  “The words you say to yourself to express appreciation don’t matter. It’s the feelings the words help you create within yourself that count.  It’s possible and very easy to fully appreciate what you already have, even if you may choose to create something else at another time. If you feel any form of discomfort at all, you apply The Process   (Phase 2)  Just feel the energy of the discomfort as much as you’ll allow yourself to. No thinking, no logic, no intellect, no judgment, no labeling. Just feel it. In the beginning, everything may sound like empty words. That’s okay. Say them anyway and feel them as much as you can. Over time, they become more and more and more real to you—naturally. “ 
  • You must always really feel The Truth behind the words you use, he says. 
  • Listen to him talk and share your thoughts with us on Facebook.


Quote of the Cast:

 My journey into Ultimate Freedom started the day my grandfather, Aaron Scheinfeld, took me aside and started telling me the real reasons behind his remarkable success.


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Gabrielle Taylor

Today’s guest has something for Killing Retirement. She has one effective method  that can change  and make the future better for  our children, grandchildren,  and future generations – wisdom in behavior, in making choices and decisions in life. Financial literacy and business acumen will surely happen alongside this kind of wisdom. 


Our guest: Gabrille Taylor

Gabrielle V. Taylor earned a BA in Economics from the University of Illinois and an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago’s Booth Graduate School of Business. She currently leads a strategic management consultancy based in Littleton, Colorado. Prior to setting up her own firm in Colorado, she was a management consultant with Kuczmarski  & Associates (K&A) in Chicago, Illinois  where she specialized in developing new products and services as well as marketing strategies. She resigned from K & A to devote time for her family, especially her first daughter, then later on a second daughter born 2 years after. While raising her children, she tried to document the experiences and lessons learned for future reference, but realized that diaries, albums and journals would not serve her long-term purposes well.  She decided to write a book dedicated to her 2 young daughters and inspired by her uniquely phenomenal Grandma Valentine. This bestselling book, Legacy of Wisdom, has earned positive reviews from readers for its delightfully engaging story about family values, child rearing techniques, and insightful life lessons that transcend cultures, eras, and generations. 


What you'll learn:

  •  Gabrielle had a brilliant purpose in writing her book  The Legacy of Wisdom. It was supposed to inspire her 2 daughters  to follow her footsteps  and to cherish her grandma’s  memory.   Her book has been inspiring people of all  ages and culture and may continue to inspire future generations;
  • How parents should develop and nurture wisdom in their children.
  • Gabrielle could not have published her book if her husband had not given her this gift. Listen to the podcast  to know what this gift is. 
  • The Legacy of Wisdom is a powerful  tool for creating a better future.  There should be more such books written for the present and future generations.   
  • There’s  something really useful  that  Gabrielle  or other authors could include in their next book. What could this be?  


Quote of the Cast:

Wisdom is knowing and doing the right thing, based on a keen understanding of human emotions and behaviors and the use of experience to develop a better understanding of life. – Grandma Valentine, Grandma of Gabrielle Taylor. 


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Josh Latimer

What’s risky and what’s not? In our third episode of “Killing Retirement”, entrepreneur Josh Latimer had it all. A successful banker’s position with JP Morgan Chase, a lovely wife and a baby on the way. Why, then, did he think it was the perfect time to take a leap and start his own window cleaning business? (His own mother wouldn’t even talk to him for a whole week afterward.)

Our guest: Josh Latimer

Quote of the ‘Cast: “I just decided that I couldn’t live like that. I left that job to start a window cleaning business, which is a very weird business. My own mother wouldn’t talk to me for a week; in fact, she was so upset because in this traditional mindset, it’s so risky to do this type of thing. It’s such a huge leap, but through a series of mentors and people that invested in my life, little by little I built a really, really nice business. For me, I’m not passionate about window cleaning, but I was passionate about lifestyle. I was passionate about being intentional with the time I spent with my wife, and the time I spent with my children, and having some flexibility in the way that I would do stuff with my day.”

What you'll learn:

  • How to take a new business and make it work for you.
  • What kinds of systems were most important and how Josh determined this.
  • How to understand what you truly want and set your course.
  • BONUS: a new app that helps you offer platinum service to your customers - and potential customers.

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Joannie Connell

Our second episode of “Killing Retirement” digs deep into the question: “what do you want to do with your life?” and (more importantly) WHY? She’s focusing on the group of parents she calls “helicopter parents” and the children that come from that parenting style.

Our guest: Dr. Joanie Connell

Quote of the ‘Cast: “I’m finding a lot of people that get to the workplace and they weren’t as happy as they thought they would be because their helicoptering parenting and teachers have been promising them that there’s a wonderful light at the end of the tunnel after they work so hard during their childhood. They get out there and find that they’re at the bottom of the ladder in the corporate world. They’re not having these amazing jobs that they thought they would have and very dissatisfied that the work is a little bit more boring than they thought it would be a lot of times, more tedious, and just not prepared to do these kinds of things because their parents have been helping them out so much as they grew up.”

As part of “Killing Retirement”, we’re seeking out answers for people who are just starting out in life as well as folks who are mid-career or closing in on retirement. What if you could start your working life off with the understanding that from true passion brings true reward? Listen to this week’s podcast to find out more.

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Charlie Epstein

Meet Charlie

Charlie believes the cornerstone of creating success with your finances and your life, is to act like an entrepreneur! Eliminating an "entitlement mentality" and taking control of your life's choices and personal finances are the first steps to igniting and aligning your passions with your finances.

Meet Charlie