Charlie Epstein is the go to guy for creating a life you don’t want to retire from.

As a leader in the financial world, he’s created plans and programs for people who want to live their best life NOW.


A sought-after commentator in the media, Charlie has been featured for his inspirational and entertaining approach. He makes the most complex ideas simple by removing jargon, fear and replacing them with a positive and aspirational mindset.

A card-carrying member of the Actor’s Guild and stand-up pro, Charlie is engaging and entertaining – a welcome break from spreadsheets, insurance quotes and fiscal reports.

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Charlie grew up in a musically creative and entrepreneurial household. As a young man, he was inspired by his successful grandfathers: one traditionally successful in business, the other, successful in the performing arts. Early in his career, Charlie longed to combine these two powerful legacies. He began taking summers off to appear in "live" theatre- performing in plays from Neil Simon to Shakespeare! He became a Professional Stage Actor, hired a commercial agent and even did stand-up and improv in NYC. Each year Charlie took as much as 3-5 months off from the financial world to pursue his theatrical passions. During those times, his financial business and income grew- 10X faster than when he spent 100% of his time in business!! This experience laid the foundation for the powerful ideas, and processes Charlie shares, grounded in his first-hand belief that, "...following one's heart and inner voice will lead you to Financial freedom, success and a life worth living..."

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Charlie helps us understand what the secular market is and how the current bull market could go on for the next 16 years.

Most Requested Topics:

Myths About Money

Most of the money problems we face are rooted in our inherited beliefs about it, what Charlie calls The Myths of Money. These could be things our parents and grandparents taught us, bad financial experiences we encountered, or the "conventional wisdom of the day" that we have never challenged. Charlie's Myths of Money and re-setting Your Money Mindset Process, are essential keys to transforming your thinking, and belief systems. The result: you experience a more abundant, and purposeful approach to money as a utility that energizes your life, and fuels your dreams and passions.

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Desirement Planning

Webster's definition of retirement is: "to put out of use!" Charlie believes that most people are not working to be put out of use, instead they are struggling to create enough money to do all the things they desire to do. Creating the clarity and confidence about what we truly want and then acquiring the capabilities and financial structures to support the life of your dreams, is the foundation of Charlie's message and his unique Desirement Planning Process. He has done it successfully himself. Charlie has taken 3-5 months off a year for over 12 years, to passionately pursue his acting career. Even performing a one-man- 7 character show at Stage West in Springfield, Mass to the delight of sold-out audiences for 2 solid months!

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In the News

How is what is going on in the US and Global Financial Markets, on Wall Street, in government, in business, innovation and technology today affecting your paychecks for Life? How will the president's new initiatives about retirement savings impact working Americans? Every day the accelerating changes in the world, business and politics pose opportunities for working Americans. - and Charlie is there to help you make sense of it all.

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Entrepreneurial women, 40+ (HH income 150k+) who wish to build the life of their dreams, spend more time with family, friends and good works while leading a business that is mission-driven to make the world a better place.

• They believe they have choices and are empowered to make financial choices – they do not believe in being handed anything or that they are entitled to a retirement – particularly if they’re not included in its design.

• They may be married to a professional or a career-minded individual and generally have children in high school or college.


Business audience – business leaders who are entrepreneurial by nature. They are looking for better solutions for their businesses and employees.


401kWire has named Charlie one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Retirement Industry along with one of the Top 300 Most Influential Retirement Plan Advisors in the U.S.