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Episode 9: Living a Legendary Life of Freedom

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Today’s episode features the story of spouses  Stephen Hnilica and  Aris Creates  who call themselves Backpack Entrepreneurs. They also call the global group they’re forming  #digitalnomads while sociologists refer to their groups as transnational entrepreneurs . They use the internet  and their  travels to grow their cross-border contacts.  Revolutionary innovations in electronic communication and transportation technology help them build easy and fast contacts across long distances around the globe. 



Our guest: Backpack Entrepreneurs

Stephen and Aris are urban entrepreneurs from Tampa, Florida who set  themselves up on a mission to travel the world to speak, teach, and share their business  profile.  They  likewise learn  a lot  from their growing network of  social connections  around the world.  Stephen originally walked from his hometown  Tampa, Florida  to Seattle, Washington in 2013  to raise $100,000 for the education of  10,000 poor children in India.  He encountered obstacles and a number of challenging situations but his campaign was a success.

When he and Aris met in 2015, they discovered that they share the passions for business development,  problem-solving, and  technology. They decided to work and live together to share  their entrepreneurial knowledge  with other people.  The couple believes that anyone who has the right attitude, tools, and guidance can live a similar life of freedom. They are having so much fun and are very grateful for the opportunity to travel and share their skills and talents worldwide. 


What you'll learn:


  • How they earn their income to support their travels 
  • How they grow their social connections around the world 
  • What  product  or service  they offer as traveling entrepreneurs
  • How they save on the costs of their travel, food, and lodging 
  • Reasons why they don’t  stay too long in one  place
  • What impact they make on the world 
  • Their challenges, difficulties, risks they face, and fears.  
  • Their tips for other backpack entrepreneurs.


Quote of the Cast:


We want to bring together people in a global community where we support one another toward living the life of freedom.


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