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Episode 8: Downsizing Your Space to Achieve Your Dreams

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Many young couples dream of owning big homes because part of their dream is to have enormous space for their growing family. However, if you own a big home you also have to deal with expensive upkeep, big realty taxes, and huge worries on paying an army of housekeepers, handyman, landscaper, gardener, communication network technician, and perhaps security personnel. To keep up with the cost of keeping a big home, you have to work awfully hard to earn big so that you can pay your big bills. Moreover, privacy can be compromised because of the presence of a maintenance crew. Family bonding is also adversely affected when there is a problem of tracking down family members. When they are out of speaking (or shouting) range, family interaction is reduced to text messaging or intercom chats.


Our guest: Zack Giffin

Our guest, Zack Giffin, host of Tiny House Nation TV show, is a staunch advocate of tiny house movement, a trend in the U.S. housing market where a  simpler lifestyle means financial freedom. He and his friend John Weisbarth travel across America to show all the advantages of living in small dwellings and mobile mini-homes. They help families design and construct their own dream tiny-homes. Families are opting to downsize to manageable spaces no larger than 300 square feet or even smaller.




What you'll learn:

  • How Zack was drawn to minimalist living;
  • Why he shared rooms and slept on couches; 
  • Austerity measures he and his wife adapted to reach their goal
  • Zack is an athlete and a popular skiing expert.  Find out  how he achieved his ultimate dream thru his tiny-house lifestyle;
  • How his dream went so much farther beyond;
  • Why you would always need more accomplishments to feel accomplished.  
  • Why we should be constantly looking for bigger achievements.  
  • How downsizing your expenses can help build a new tiny house
  • How a downsized living environment reduces the carbon footprint
  • Zack didn’t get paid until he was 29 y old. 
  • How and why people living in tiny homes are happier. 


Quote of the Cast:


The expenses in our life dictate the way we live.


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