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Episode 7: Creating the Life You Want After Tragedy

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 What does an executive coach have to do with my paradigm of “killing retirement”?  Listen and find out if your answer is right.


Our guest: Chloe Taylor Brown

Chloe Taylor Brown is President of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises ,  a Transformational Training and Consulting Firm in Atlanta, Georgia which has worked with international organizations such as AVON, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Home Depot, and other corporations using her innovative PEP System® which includes executive coaching, professional excellence training and whole life well-being coaching. She modeled for designers such as Armani, Versace, Escada, Dolce, Gabbana, Givenchy, Bill Blass, Revlon, and Missoni.  She is a Power Coach, Lifestyle Enhancement Specialist, Transformational trainer, Image expert, Author and Speaker.  She delivers keynotes, personal development and transformational training, presentations, and coaching.  Chloe is an inspiration to tweens, young women, executive women, and all women. 




What you'll learn:

    • How Chloe became a fashion model and a coach; 
    • What inspired her to change;
    • She lost her mom, then her dad, then her brother died in a motorcycle accident, and her baby drowned in their pool. How she learned to laugh and be happy even while grieving - she talks about her personal tragedies  in the podcast  as well as  in her  Book:  How to Laugh Again While Grieving;
    • How she describes her husband, a former player of Golden State Warriors; 
    • Why she remained married to the same man for over 30 years; 
    • She believes her birth order has something to  do with what she has become; 
    • She made choices and once she  had to take  the only  available option and loved the result of that “no choice” option; 
    • Her advice to women is: Search and pursue what you’re passionate about, Maintain balance in your life; nurture relationships, focus on your goal and make your dream come true; 
    • How to set a goal and be determined to reach that goal; 
    • How she finds wisdom in being “connected” to a higher self; 
    • How her work is related to my paradigm of “Desirement”;  
    • If you love what you’re doing, it’s not work at all, it’s something else. Want to make another guess? 
    • The role of prayer in her success;
    • Her 4th book will soon be available on Amazon


Quote of the Cast:


When you’re tired working, don’t retire, just continue “desiring” the life of your dreams.


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