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Episode 6: The Shift to "Desirement" with Kort McCulley

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Killing Retirement encourages people to pursue the life they’ve always desired after decades of working in their government or corporate jobs. Your senior years are just the beginning of realizing your biggest dreams. It’s called the shift to “Desirement”. Desirement is the time you stop your 9-to-5 hard work and start enjoying life fully and yet never worry about money.



Our guest: Kort McCulley

Kort McCulley, the President and Founder of McCulley Group of Companies, a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Illinois who provides expertise in 401 (K) planning, financial planning, insurances, investments, and money markets.  He holds various state insurance and securities licenses including the Accredited Investment Fiduciary professional designation.



What you'll learn:

  • To realize your dreams, the following factors are significant:
  • How Kort and Charlie are helping people make progress to realize their dreams;
  • Get acquainted with the book  Paychecks for Life by  Charlie Epstein to learn about the money myths of people; 
  • How to connect your dreams to your resources and love and enjoy your life to the rest of your life;
  • How to reverse the 95% failure rate in your middle-life to late life investments; 
  • Knowing  precisely what you want to focus on in your life; 
  • What “desirement mortgage” is; 
  • The best approach to accomplish your  “dream life” 
  • What is the “Dream Number”
  • How to assess what you truly want in life, and what you want to do to be happy; 
    1. Things you are passionate about;
    2. Your talent and skills;
    3. Your family, friends, and social network; 
    4. Your money and other resources; 
    5. Your technical support network including your coach  
  • The role of  your family and friends in helping you realize your dreams;



Quote of the Cast:

We have a lifetime commitment to the future progress of our clients’ ability to retire, create financial freedom, pursue bigger dreams, and create the life they desire. We accomplish this by challenging the old methods with our new paradigm of “Desirement” and modern, world class technology.   


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Charlie believes the cornerstone of creating success with your finances and your life, is to act like an entrepreneur! Eliminating an "entitlement mentality" and taking control of your life's choices and personal finances are the first steps to igniting and aligning your passions with your finances.

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