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Episode 5: Busting Loose from the Money Game

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Robert’s business model/theory of busting loose from the money game is open to multiple interpretations  and applications  as he himself has multiple names for his concepts.  Yet his business coaching played a major part  in  the stunning success of  Blue Ocean Software, Nike, Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic and Connecting Point of America.  


Our guest: Robert Scheinfeld

Robert, Father of 2 (Ali and Aidan) is a bestselling author, speaker and coach for what’s generally called consciousness expansion, spiritual development,  and what he calls ultimate freedom, and now the Truth with a capital T. 

Through his request, his grandfather, Aaron Scheinfeld, the founder and owner of Manpower, Inc. introduced him to the world of business. He asked him how he became so successful and famous. His grandpa mentioned something about the invisible power and began to introduce a few concepts to his grandson.  Unfortunately, his grandpa passed away without completing the training of Robert. He spent over 3 decades putting the pieces the puzzle together. Eventually, he developed a transformational business model. He specializes in building a business from scratch using only the resources available to him. 

He has authored several books, including the Busting Loose from the Money Game, and also the bestsellers The Invisible Path to Success, and The 11th Element.


What you'll learn:

  • Robert  says that the  Money Game  is  all about feelings,  not thinking, logic, or intellect but it is also experiential yet it happens  in the mindset.  See if you can follow that by listening to his podcast.
  • About the power source from the invisible world and how nothing in plain sight can be  as powerful.    
  • He says the mind has to be reprogrammed.  
  • He says:  You + Your Expanded Self = Consciousness. As hard as it may be to believe, when other players appear in your hologram, they’re 100 percent your creation. No one has any power or independent decision-making authority in your hologram beyond what your Expanded Self gives them through their “scripts” to support you on your Human Game journey. There’s no power outside of you in your hologram—not in anyone, not in anything.  You alone have all the power in your hologram. 
  • Phase 1 is when we are born, convinced about our identity, and aware of our limitations. We realize there are obstacles in the form of cloud cover; 
  • Phase 2 is the process of drilling through the cloud cover.  Your Expanded Self is driving the bus in Phase 2. You can’t make a mistake, mess  anything up, or blow it. You just trust your Expanded Self and flow with what you feel  inspired or motivated to do, moment to moment. As you do the Phase 2 work, you must always remember the treasure that awaits you at  the end of the journey. It’s worth it!
  • Phase 3 is playing as new game in the sunshine and with navigation support . It is  getting to the point where you can play in the sunshine. 
  • He says:  “The words you say to yourself to express appreciation don’t matter. It’s the feelings the words help you create within yourself that count.  It’s possible and very easy to fully appreciate what you already have, even if you may choose to create something else at another time. If you feel any form of discomfort at all, you apply The Process   (Phase 2)  Just feel the energy of the discomfort as much as you’ll allow yourself to. No thinking, no logic, no intellect, no judgment, no labeling. Just feel it. In the beginning, everything may sound like empty words. That’s okay. Say them anyway and feel them as much as you can. Over time, they become more and more and more real to you—naturally. “ 
  • You must always really feel The Truth behind the words you use, he says. 
  • Listen to him talk and share your thoughts with us on Facebook.


Quote of the Cast:

 My journey into Ultimate Freedom started the day my grandfather, Aaron Scheinfeld, took me aside and started telling me the real reasons behind his remarkable success.


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