Gabrielle Taylor

Episode 4: Legacy of Wisdom

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Today’s guest has something for Killing Retirement. She has one effective method  that can change  and make the future better for  our children, grandchildren,  and future generations – wisdom in behavior, in making choices and decisions in life. Financial literacy and business acumen will surely happen alongside this kind of wisdom. 


Our guest: Gabrille Taylor

Gabrielle V. Taylor earned a BA in Economics from the University of Illinois and an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago’s Booth Graduate School of Business. She currently leads a strategic management consultancy based in Littleton, Colorado. Prior to setting up her own firm in Colorado, she was a management consultant with Kuczmarski  & Associates (K&A) in Chicago, Illinois  where she specialized in developing new products and services as well as marketing strategies. She resigned from K & A to devote time for her family, especially her first daughter, then later on a second daughter born 2 years after. While raising her children, she tried to document the experiences and lessons learned for future reference, but realized that diaries, albums and journals would not serve her long-term purposes well.  She decided to write a book dedicated to her 2 young daughters and inspired by her uniquely phenomenal Grandma Valentine. This bestselling book, Legacy of Wisdom, has earned positive reviews from readers for its delightfully engaging story about family values, child rearing techniques, and insightful life lessons that transcend cultures, eras, and generations. 


What you'll learn:

  •  Gabrielle had a brilliant purpose in writing her book  The Legacy of Wisdom. It was supposed to inspire her 2 daughters  to follow her footsteps  and to cherish her grandma’s  memory.   Her book has been inspiring people of all  ages and culture and may continue to inspire future generations;
  • How parents should develop and nurture wisdom in their children.
  • Gabrielle could not have published her book if her husband had not given her this gift. Listen to the podcast  to know what this gift is. 
  • The Legacy of Wisdom is a powerful  tool for creating a better future.  There should be more such books written for the present and future generations.   
  • There’s  something really useful  that  Gabrielle  or other authors could include in their next book. What could this be?  


Quote of the Cast:

Wisdom is knowing and doing the right thing, based on a keen understanding of human emotions and behaviors and the use of experience to develop a better understanding of life. – Grandma Valentine, Grandma of Gabrielle Taylor. 


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