Josh Latimer

Episode 3: Leap of Faith

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What’s risky and what’s not? In our third episode of “Killing Retirement”, entrepreneur Josh Latimer had it all. A successful banker’s position with JP Morgan Chase, a lovely wife and a baby on the way. Why, then, did he think it was the perfect time to take a leap and start his own window cleaning business? (His own mother wouldn’t even talk to him for a whole week afterward.)

Our guest: Josh Latimer

Quote of the ‘Cast: “I just decided that I couldn’t live like that. I left that job to start a window cleaning business, which is a very weird business. My own mother wouldn’t talk to me for a week; in fact, she was so upset because in this traditional mindset, it’s so risky to do this type of thing. It’s such a huge leap, but through a series of mentors and people that invested in my life, little by little I built a really, really nice business. For me, I’m not passionate about window cleaning, but I was passionate about lifestyle. I was passionate about being intentional with the time I spent with my wife, and the time I spent with my children, and having some flexibility in the way that I would do stuff with my day.”

What you'll learn:

  • How to take a new business and make it work for you.
  • What kinds of systems were most important and how Josh determined this.
  • How to understand what you truly want and set your course.
  • BONUS: a new app that helps you offer platinum service to your customers - and potential customers.

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