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Episode 14: All Moments Matter with Dave Sanderson

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Dave Sanderson knows how quickly your life can change in a single moment. He knows because that is exactly what happened to him. While on an ordinary business trip, he had a fateful moment. You see, he was on the flight that due to a bird strike, had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the Hudson River. It's an aviation feat never before accomplished, and after that brush with fate, Dave's life has not been the same! Dave has learned a lot of things in the last 7 years, but one thing he now knows is that each moment in our lives matters.

Our guest: Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson survived the US Airways flight 1549 which crash-landed on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. The incident has come to be known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”.  He was the last passenger to escape from the sinking plane after helping others to safety. At that moment, he feared for his own life, but remembered the words of his late mother who always told him, “If you do the right thing, God will take care of you.”  He did what someone with a Boy Scout’s training would.  Others helped, too, and everyone survived. His life had changed dramatically from that day. He has become an inspirational speaker and author. His stimulating thoughts on leadership have made him a highly sought-after speaker.

What you'll learn:

    • What Dave was doing prior to the plane crash 
    • His personal recollection of the Miracle on the Hudson 
    • How the advice of his coach, Tony Robbins, helped him to be resourceful in that moment 
    • What he did on that day was “one game plan”
    • Other than being grateful for his life, he was grateful for something else
    • Why he never stopped believing “There is a God and there are miracles.”
    • He had spoken more than 450 times around the world since the crash.
    • How he plans to live his life fully even while still employed with Oracle 
    • What he sees as the next big thing in his life


Quote of the Cast:
“If you do the right thing, God will take care of you.”

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