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Episode 12: Likability and Leadership as Keys to Success

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This episode features the inspirational story of Arel Moodie, founder of College Success Program, host of the podcast The Art of Likability, co-founder of  the The PlaceFinder, and author of Your Starting Point for Student Success, and member of the dance group Black Dance Repertoire. Arel promotes good communication, likability, and leadership  as key elements of success. Please try answering this question after listening to the episode: What is the significance of Arel’s themes of likability and leadership in our “Desirement program?”

Our guest: Arel Moodie

Arel graduated from Binghamton University in 2005 with a BA in Philosophy, politics and law. In 2006, he came on board as the Lead Emcee of Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (EET). The group  organizes events to educate college students about starting a business. In 2009, Arel founded Empact, EET’s parent company that focuses on cultivating entrepreneurs. He is one of  America’s  top young speakers on student success and student leadership skills.

What you'll learn:

  • Arel’s road to success starting from a life on welfare
  • Why he chose college students as a special market 
  • Arel’s current market still includes students but he has added professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Essential  factors, situations, and conditions  for success
  • Mentors and coaches who helped Arel become what he is today; and his best mentor
  • Books he read and his favorite one
  • Trainings and workshops he attended and the ones he recommends 
  • Clubs he joined
  • PlaceFinder – what it is and how it grew to become a US-wide business
  • Arel’s dance group Black Dance Repertoire that already performed as an opening act for Grammy Award-winning R&B group 112
  • Why Arel believes that motivation doesn’t last unless you do something about it
  • Arel talks about “likeability” as an art and skill


Quote of the Cast:
Your unique ability is your fountain of youth and passion creates it so that you keep wanting to get better.

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