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Episode 10: Building Successful Relationships for Business Success

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Building a business while growing a family is a very challenging role because we have to nurture  all   relationships – with the spouse, the children, clients, employees, providers, and the public  to keep all situations flourishing  and worry-free.  Others find it a difficult role so they either choose to do one thing first before adding the other – which means, build a business first and once it has grown then build a  family next; or vice versa; raise a family first then build the business later.  

Positive relationships at home and at work are the key to a successful business. This consequently leads to happiness and fulfillment.  It’s critical to maintain and nurture these relationships with people we work with and do business with.

Our guest: Susie Miller

Our guest, Susie Miller, the better-relationship coach, suggests strategies to keep both marriage and business positively nurtured. She is an author, speaker, and is fully dedicated to helping create better relationships .  Through her bestselling book  Listen, Learn, Love, she has proven that any relationship can be repaired or strengthened.

What you'll learn:

  • How to repair or strengthen your marital relationship   
  • Step by step guide on how to have better marital relationships  
  • Susie talks about   a toxic kind of conflict and a “good”  kind of  conflict. 
  • Improving communication skills with spouses
  • Improving communication skills with friends
  • How to avoid drifting apart 
  • Building a thriving business during your retirement years
  • What is the PROFIT strategy in marriage?
  • What is the Love language? How should couples apply this strategy in their marriage?
  • How should people apply this in their relationships?
  • About the “skilled conflict navigator

Quote of the Cast:
Great relationships have been proven to improve life and business. 

Connect with Susie Miller:

Get Susie's Book:
Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less  

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