Paychecks for Life

Charlie combined his Paychecks for Life System with his awareness of what America's workers need when it comes to financial wisdom -and voila-  his best-selling book. "Paychecks for Life" is THE system of nine simple principles showing individuals and families how to turn their 401(k) into their own Paycheck Manufacturing Company, and pay for the things they desire to do!



"Cover to cover, Paychecks for Life is a powerful read. No matter your age or current financial situation, Charlie’s wisdom, experience, and insights will help you create real wealth"

- Joseph Michelli, Author of The Starbucks Experience and The New Gold Standard

"For 30 years, Charlie Epstein has been one of the most respected and innovative thinkers in the retirement industry. In Paychecks for Life, he attacks the problem of lifetime income."

- Mike Alfred, CEO, Brightscope

Save America, Save- The Secrets of A Successful 401k Plan

The awareness that business owners, plan sponsors and trustees need coaching and guidance in order to provide their employees the best chance of building a successful financial future, drove Charlie to write his second book. Charlie reveals his "secret principles" in "Save America, Save" so America's businesses will be better equipped to offer a significant benefit with their 401(k) plan that far outpaces less-inspired, designed and managed programs. That leads to happier,loyal, and more engaged employees-- and more successful businesses!


401kWire has named Charlie one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Retirement Industry along with one of the Top 300 Most Influential Retirement Plan Advisors in the U.S.