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Charlie helps us understand what the secular market is and how the current bull market could go on for the next 16 years.

by Charlie Epstein

Charlie talks about how deregulation will positively effect the market.

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Listen to Charlie speak with Ira Bryck  on WHMP AM1240, FM96:9.

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Listen to Charlie speak with Ira Bryck this Saturday Dec. 24th at 11:am on WHMP AM1240, FM96:9.

Charlie and Ira will discuss how an "engaged purpose" drives everything that happens at Epstein Financial Services; how the company's use of Engagement Multiplier brings to light all the things that need improvement for owners, employees, customers, and as Disney says "an employee that leaves after training in as expensive as an employee that stays without training."

by Charlie Epstein

Consumer is King

If you own a business today, you know just how difficult it is to raise prices for your products and services. A global economy that has become even more inter-dependent makes it so.

Technology and innovation which drives up efficiency and drives down prices makes it so.

Wal-Mart makes it so.

So, if you read my last post about your Oil Dividend (if not, go read it now) let's play out the oil dividend on the supply side of the economic equation.

by Charlie Epstein

Who’s Running the Store?

Teresa Ghilarducci is at it again.

Ghilarducci, a labor economist of The New School University, has for many years been trying the promote her retirement tax-reform policies, essentially a bloated government sponsored retirement plan to replace our current private 401(k) system.

May I remind you that this very same 401(k) system has worked very well since the early 1980's creating over $5 trillion in private savings accounts funded without one dollar of the tax payers money?

In addition, the system has not required a bloated government bureaucracy of union employees who receive a government sponsored life time retirement plan funded by, you guessed it: you the tax-payer.

by Charlie Epstein

My $96 Weekly Oil Dividend

In January 2008 the price of a barrel of crude oil hit $100. It hit its record high of $142/ barrel in July 2008. From 2008- 2014 oil prices bounced between $80-$100 per barrel. During that time, the global economy continued to expand.

Here in this country, in spite of $3-$4 a gallon of gas at the pump, employment went down, more consumers chose to go out to eat, bought more cars, stood in line at Starbucks, Chipotle, and McDonalds and keep the economy expanding and pumping along.

by Charlie Epstein

Killing Retirement

A recent article in the Huffington Post titled, "5 Signs that you are doing retirement all wrong," speaks to the notion I have of "Killing Retirement" in America.

The notion, that suddenly at Age 62, 0r 65 you will stop "working" and just travel, play golf read books or watch the grandkids, is long gone. A child born today has the life expectancy of age 120! Think about that. If that child retires at Age 65 will they play golf for the next 55 years!

I recently spoke to a long time client of mine. I meet him and his wife when they were 40 years old. (they are 63 now) They ran a very successful roofing business. John (name changed to protect the innocent) said to me, "Charlie, Betty and I want to retire at Age 50!. If you can show me how I can retire, at Age 50 with enough money to do whatever we want, you will earn my business."

by Charlie Epstein

Consumer is King

Take out your mobile device and turn it on.

Now ......tell me, how many separate devices are built into your iPhone or Android device?

Let me list a few: There is a camera, phone, calculator, GPS, dictionary, library, tape recorder, weather...the list goes on, and on.

Twenty years ago, the consumer had to purchase each one of these devices separately at a combined price tag of over $20,000!

Charlie Epstein

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